Quality politics

In UNIFORMES GARY’S we are a company whose scope is the design, production and marketing of work uniforms for the Hospitality, Sanitation, Cleaning, Aesthetics, School and workwear sectors except for individual protection

And we define in our Quality Policy, as a priority objective, the determination of the client’s requirements and their satisfaction to translate it into a continuous improvement in our products, through an optimal management of our human and technical resources always oriented towards meeting the needs and customer expectations.

Therefore, our Quality Policy focuses on three basic pillars:

A commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
achieve the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, continuously renewing our system of work and management.
Develop and maintain a group effort, placing emphasis on increasing the ability of UNIFORMES GARY’S to increase its competitiveness in the market through quality improvement.
For this we commit ourselves to:

Comply with the requirements specified by our clients and all interested parties and those that are applicable to us and, in particular, with current legislation and regulations.
Detect our errors, avoiding their appearance, and if they appear, solve them immediately, to obtain a level of excellence in our work.
Report the problems we detect, suggesting and applying improvements.
Ensure the constant improvement of the administrative-financial system of our company.
Implement technical and human resources to improve the technical, safety conditions of our jobs.
Advice to our clients from the Production Department of the company.
Vélez-Rubio January 4, 2017

Signed: Luís Martínez López

Manager of Uniforms Gary’s, S.L.U.